Exhibition in the CLUB, Neukölln, Berlin


opening this friday!


Anonymous asked: Hey, Du hattest doch mal so ein Bild mit mehreren FLT*-Personen, die in einer Reihe stehen/laufen (ich glaub mit Baseballschläger). Wo ist das denn hin?! ._.

ach, das hab ich in einem selbstkritischen moment gelöscht, wie das manchmal so ist ;)
ich überleg mir mal, ob ich’s nochmal hochlade,
ansonsten schick mir deine mail-adresse & dann kann ichs gerne so weitergeben! LG

+++neues FAQ+++

im zuge von verschiedenen diskussionen und manchen mehr oder weniger latent antisemitischen anmerkungen, hab ich ein FrequentlyAskedQuestions u.a. zu meinem politschen anspruch zusammengestellt. (http://vogelfreicomic.tumblr.com/faq )
eine englische übersetzung folgt sobald kapazitäten da sind!

Ausstellung in Berlin! <3

Ausstellung in Berlin! <3

still loving discussions. bodies and politics.
by vogelfreicomic

(Source: tumblr.com)

acryl on paper, based on one of my favourite pictures i found on tumblr



hey people in berlin!

on the 30th of january I`ll be having an exhibition at “Alice Salomon Hochschule” in Berlin. If you wanne get postcards or say hello just come by! There will also be speaches/workshops about gender_diversity.


*just found this lovely comic I made 1,5 years ago*

*just found this lovely comic I made 1,5 years ago*

aeliencactus asked: You're great at what you do. I really love it :). Thank you for sharing yourself with me.

thank you for the kind words, i really appreciate it! xx lisa

finally. the english version of my comic &#8220;the first time&#8221; which I made for the zine &#8220;brav_a&#8221; (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brav_a/272865889446910?ref=ts&amp;fref=ts)

finally. the english version of my comic “the first time” which I made for the zine “brav_a” (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brav_a/272865889446910?ref=ts&fref=ts)

a short comic about my associations with the word &#8220;cute&#8221;.

a short comic about my associations with the word “cute”.

exhibition & concert

visit me at my exhibition in berlin this thursday:

7pm Exhibition: 
Vogelfreicomic *queerfeminist bodypositive art-work & zines*

9pm Concert: 
calamity jane *primitive hot sauce viva vulva rhythm n blaugras trash music*



the posters and postcards that i sell there will soon be available online! 

theshortestgirlonearth asked: You are absolutely amazing! I can't get enough of your art! Thank you for sharing it. :3

Thanks so much!
I`ll try to come up with some new stuff soon ;) xx Lisa

reneeyoxon-deactivated20130711 asked: I just read your entire blog. I love everything and you're amazing. You've got a friend in Canada!

aww! well, next time I`ll be there I`ll let you know ;) the same goes 4 you if you ever make it to Berlin… Thanks a lot!

skankabelle asked: hey there i'm a stranger but i just wanted to say i've only scrolled through the first page of your blog and i'm already in hella love with you. stay queer <33

thanx so much! <3